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My Journey in Technology: Part 2

I had met with a few clients when Dave was working the business part time to listen to what they wanted in a website. Through that I learned that there was a lot that Dave could do with a website. He can put in a store for our clients that sell products. He is able to connect blogs from their website to Facebook, Twitter and other forms of Social Media. He is able to set them up to receive payments. The lists goes on.

He made a blog for me which I have thoroughly enjoyed using. It goes out to Facebook and I have enjoyed the feedback. Out of all the technology services that David provides, my understanding of how a website is created has increased the most. I have found that I can easily answer questions about what functionality David can provide in creating websites.

In 2017 when I want to find out about virtually anything, I do a google search and then go to the website. I am amazed at companies that do not have a website. It is one of the best ways to get information out to your potential clients. It also provides the first impression of your business in many cases and having it work well and be professional is very important. Dave is a great listener and focuses on what is important to the client to have on the website so that it meets their specific needs.