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My Journey in Technology: Part 1

I love change in most areas of my life, but not with technology.  I am not one of those people that will sit down and figure out a new program by trial and error just for the fun of it.  The pragmatist in me wants to learn exactly how to use what I need so that I can get the job done in the most efficient way possible.

This is the first blog in a series about how much I have learned about technology since being married to Dave who is a self-taught IT expert.  A little background of my experience with technology before Dave entered my life in 2006.  When I began my master’s degree in Education in 2003, I had to ask the professor to show me how to send an attachment with an email.  I also remember being mortified at the prospect of signing up for my master’s classes online.  Fast forward to when Dave and I met in April of 2006, I was still calling the bank to check my balance and see what checks had cleared.  I was still paying all of my bills by mail.  He introduced me to online banking which I at first balked at and later have grown to love and use on a daily basis thanks to Dave’s encouragement.

After we married, he wanted to upgrade my phone.  All I wanted was a  cell phone that made calls.  They weren’t available anymore, he insisted that I get one with a camera.  We still laugh over that argument.  I was so resilient to adding texting to my phone plan that his mother gave me the exact amount to pay for texting for the year at Christmas time.  Once I had texting, I fell in love with its convenience.

I think that you get the picture of how tech resilient I am.  Our marriage was only the beginning.  Since 2015,  we have been running the GloryKidd Technologies business full time and my growth in technology learning has exponentially increased.  I tell you that to help you understand that if Dave can demystify technology for me, he can do it for anyone!