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My Journey in Technology: Part 2

I had met with a few clients when Dave was working the business part time to listen to what they wanted in a website. Through that I learned that there was a lot that Dave could do with a website. He can put in a store for our clients that sell products. He is able to connect blogs from their website to Facebook, Twitter and other forms of Social Media. He is able to set them up to receive payments. The lists goes on. read more

Learning Curve

We began working our business, GloryKidd Technologies full-time in March of 2015. My job from the beginning was Business Manager and I have slowly morphed into the position of Chief Financial Officer. The financial part is not too much of a stretch for my education/missions background. I have had to manage money all of my adult life. The super duper important, but boring part is figuring out the taxes. Of course we hire a professional to do our yearly taxes, but for the quarterly and myriad business taxes it was quite the learning curve. read more

My Journey in Technology: Part 1

I love change in most areas of my life, but not with technology.  I am not one of those people that will sit down and figure out a new program by trial and error just for the fun of it.  The pragmatist in me wants to learn exactly how to use what I need so that I can get the job done in the most efficient way possible. read more

What is Excellence?

This is an ofttimes overused word, and has for many people lost its meaning. So what does it really mean? read more